Burning Questions: Answered.

by Lilly Ganoe

On what to do when one of your peers is bugging you:

If your friend is calling a kid “mean names” you should talk to your friend and tell them that what they’re doing is wrong and they should stop. If your friend does not stop tell a teacher, even if people will consider you a “tattle tale.” Calling people names repeatedly or doing anything that is done to hurt others repeatedly is considered bullying. If you see or hear bullying you should always tell a teacher to make things better.


On how to interact with someone you like:

People think building up confidence to talk to someone takes a lot of work, especially if it’s someone that you like. Don’t stress about it! Stress and nervousness are the reasons why people mess up. Act like you’ve known the person forever and you’ll be fine.


Mr. Nesta: Superman

by:  Paige Henry

Everyone knows of the music/choir/everything teacher, Mr. Nesta.  I interviewed him to find out some things about what has happened and what’s coming up.

Paige:  What has been your favorite musical over the years? 

Nesta:  “Guys and Dolls”  (but he has liked them all, he said).

P:  What musical are you doing this year?

N:   “Music Man”

P:  What do you think makes a musical successful?

N:  “The straints have to match the musical.”

P:  What were the best and worst parts about the Christmas Concert?

N:  The best was having the opportunity to celebrate cultural and musical traditions, and the worst is that they needed to improve the meaning with the seasonal connection.

P:  What are your favorite parts of the concerts?

N:  When it is the best it can be.  When the music comes together.  When the light of understanding shows.*