Featured Poem

You are the Sun and I am the Moon

You shine your light so brightly;

the reason everyone tries to protect themselves for you is nonsense.

In reality you’re just a small individual labeled as a burning, dangerous, star.

You are a large star while I am a cloud

Your beauty is twinkling and shining for every human to see.

Watch them look at you in awe and enjoyment

They’re enjoying standing together in darkness, admiring your defined features.

I am the moon and the clouds

You are the sun and a star.

We will never collide.




Random October Holidays

by Erica Simpson

You can get more information on http://www.holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/october.htm.  Have fun and look up more crazy holidays!

3 World Smile Day -first Friday of month -World Smile Day celebrates the ever popular yellow smiley.

4 National Frappe Day -It’s time to make, or buy, and drink your favorite Frappe.

5 World Teacher’s Day -Teachers deserve a little recognition, and some thanks and appreciation.

6 Mad Hatter Day -The Mad Hatter is always acting silly. So, on Mad Hatter Day, it is only fair and fitting to act a little silly yourself.

9 Curious Events Day -If you have a questioning and curious mind, this is your day. It encourages you to hold some kind of event that peak’s one’s curiosity.

10 World Egg Day  – second Friday of month -World Egg Day celebrates and promotes the benefits of eggs. It is truly a world, or international, celebration, from China and New Zealand, to Great Britain and Mexico.

11 It’s My Party Day -It’s My Party Day is today. Let’s have a party and celebrate. Do you really need a reason to have a party? Me neither, so let’s get this party started!

13 International Skeptics Day -Perhaps the earth isn’t really round!? Maybe, the sky isn’t truely blue!? Does he(she) really love me!? ……..These are the words and questions of the classical skeptic.

14 National Dessert Day – take an extra helping, or two -Celebrate National Dessert Day today. For just one day, forget about the calories and high fat content in many desserts. Then, tomorrow you can go back to your diet.

15 White Cane Safety Day -White Cane Safety Day celebrates and recognizes the achievements of the blind and visually impaired, and their independence.

16 Bosses Day -Now here is a day that gives you a chance to both tell and show the boss what you really think of him or her.

17 Wear Something Gaudy Day -The word “gaudy” refers to something bright, gay, cheap, showy, outlandish, or otherwise not in good taste.

18 No Beard Day -You’ve had a beard so long, that you don’t know what you’d look like without one.

19 Evaluate Your Life Day -Evaluate Your Life Day is a bit scary.

23 Tv Talk Show Host Day -Tv Talk Show Host Day celebrates and honors all Tv Talk Show hosts.

26  Mother-In-Law Day – fourth Sunday in October -If you missed Mother’s Day in May, then here’s another chance to honor your beloved Mother-In-Law. The source of many jokes, a mother-in-law doesn’t usually get the praise and appreciation she deserves.

27 National Tell a Story Day – in Scotland and the U.K. -Tell a Story Day celebrates storytelling of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or nonfiction, a tall tale, or folklore. Today is a day to tell ’em all. Stories can be from a book, other written material, or from memory.

28 Plush Animal Lover’s Day -Plush Animal Lover’s Day is today. It’s a day to enjoy your plush, stuffed animals.

29 National Frankenstein Day -Frankenstein Friday is the last Friday in October. Originally, we traced some references back to a website on Frankenberry cereal, which suggests a commercial origin.

31 Increase Your Psychic Powers Day -Increase Your Psychic Powers Day is today. Go ahead and guess, errr read my mind….if you can. I’m thinking of a number from one to ten. Okay, take a guess…….what number is it?? Nope, it’s ten. Sure, I fooled you. But, if you truly have psychic powers, you would know I was up to something. The reason for this little exercise (above), was to show you that you need to improve upon your psychic powers. And, today is “the” day to increase your psychic powers.

Band Club

by Katie Sherman

It’s club time again! Time to join your favorite clubs with friends and met new friends. However, this year there are a few new clubs. One of these new clubs is a Band Club.

They’re a small group of about seven people with great outlooks on the future. Their club listens to music and expresses themselves through that music. They also have a lot of fun and hope to form a band. Their plans for the future included forming a band and playing more songs.

They also hope to inspire people with their music and hope people with also think about starting their own band! They also hope that more people will learn about music. Their favorite part of the club is getting to meet new people and listening to the music they love.

Their future looks bright, and I hope they accomplish what they want to.

All Hail the King and Queen!

by Rose Ganoe

This year’s homecoming was put on beautifully in the theme based off of the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald although it had influences of the movie. Crowned as king and queen wasere Josh Servey and Madison Johnson, two bright successful students both grateful for the opportunity.

What kind of activities are you involved in? (art, band, tutoring, ext.)

Servey: Football, Track, Weightlifting
Johnson: I am involved in volleyball, basketball, student council, Sr. High Chorus, and National Honors Society.

What do you do for fun?

S: I play football and weightlift for fun.
J: For fun I like to run or exercise and spend time with my friends.

How do you feel about this school year? Why?

S: I feel there is a lot to do this year at least in the beginning hopefully it gets a little more laidback
J: I feel sad. My days at Keystone are almost over and I’m going to miss it so much. But so far I like being a senior and role model for the underclassman.

What are your favorite subjects? least favorite? Why?

S: Math is my favorite subject because it comes easy to me. English is my least favorite because I don’t know how to talk.
J: Favorite: Math (Trig) I enjoy working with numbers. Least: English, I don’t like to write and I only like to read when it is a book I like.

What do you want to do after high school? Why?

S: I would like to go to a four year college to get a degree in mechanical engineering because I love doing that.
J: I want to go to Saint Francis University to major in physical therapy and also play basketball there.

What do you like most about Keystone?

S: Probably my friends and how even though we may not be the best at sports we always have bragging rights on how academically smart we are.
J: I like the small school setting here that gives us the opportunity to form close relationships without classmates.

Have you always gone to Keystone? If not compare Keystone to your old school(s).

S: Yes
J: Yep always have 🙂

What do you do after school with your friends?

S: Football, and hang out with them driving around and hitting up the local Mcdonalds and Taco Bells.
J: I normally have some sort of practice. If not we normally go out to eat or go out for ice cream.

Is there anything else you wish to let everyone know about you?

S: I believe everybody knows just about everything about me.
J: I am super outgoing and love meeting people. And family is very important to me. Also I am super involved with my church and youth group.

How does it feel being crowned homecoming king/queen?

S: I did not expect it, but I was honored that the people voted for me. I feel like I did something right through these years of high school.
J: I was so surprised, but at the same time so happy and I felt honored. It is so cool to know that I was chosen and voted by fellow classmates. Out of everyone it was cool to know it was me.

What was the first thing that came across your mind when you heard that you were nominated for homecoming court?

S: I was surprised and thought that it was pretty cool how my brother was also on court.
J: First thing was excitement and nervousness. I was excited to have a fun week in spirit week; the parade, bonfire, and pep rally. I was eager to get involved and make it a memorable senior homecoming week.

Favorite part of the homecoming night?

S: My favorite part of homecoming night was the dancing by far. I love to dance with my friends.
J: Favorite part of homecoming was the excitement of crowning and dancing and having a fun night with my friends.

Least favorite part?

S: My least favorite part was how hot it was in the gym. I was sweating alot.
J: The music wasn’t the greatest this year.

So this is your last homecoming; how does it feel?

S: It is kind of sad because they are so fun and it is one of the last times I get to dance with friends from school other than prom.
J: It’s the worst feeling. I am so so sad to graduate and leave high school. I am going to miss homecoming and getting to buy dresses and looking nice and going with friends to the dance.

List some things you will miss about Keystone

S: I will definitely miss my friends the most, but I will miss the football team I have been a part of since 7th grade and a lot of the teachers that have helped me throughout the years in Keystone.
J: The teachers and faculty; my friends and classmates; playing sports; my coaches; teammates; pep rallies (dominate); sporting events (football and basketball games); dances

The American Heritage Concert

by Rose Ganoe

The American Heritage Concert held on Monday October 27, 2014 was a success! Both the band and choir, senior and junior high did a beautiful job in every aspect of the concert. The Junior High Band started it out playing “A Childhood Hymn” composed by David Holsinger. This piece was played magnificently with nice transitions and crescendos. The Junior High Band ended their time with “Rocky Mountain Romp”, a very moving piece, by Brian Balmages. I have to say that it was their best piece of the show. The Senior High Band then came on and played “A Leroy Anderson Portrait” arranged by Barnes. A person could tell that a lot of work went behind the piece as everyone was together even as the tempo threatened to pull them apart. Great job! Their second piece “Lincoln Legacy” was a little hard, having to have them start again. The civil war music montage, however, was played greatly.

The Junior High Chorus sang to melodies for the crowd; “Play for Me A Simple Melody” and “Pick a Bale of Cotton”. Both pieces were harmonized well, and sounded fun especially “Pick a Bale of Cotton”. For “Pick a Bale of Cotton” the whole piece was fast moving, but at the end when all of the choir members yelled “Hey!” made it so much more. The Concert Choir was the only selection to sing three works, however they completed the task immaculately. Starting out with “Billy Boy” arranged by Mark Hayes, they started out on a high note which just enlarged until the end of the concert. “Keep in the Middle of the Road” though was quite confusing, but the beauty of the singing made it all worthwhile. “An American Trilogy” held an excellent solo by Miss Aszlan Czap and a touch of Junior High Chorus from the sidelines.

Last but never least, the combined choirs and KHS Alumni singing of the Keystone High School Alma Mater was a perfect ending. I, however, may be a little biased as the alumni behind me had a wonderful voice.

To end, again, wonderful show! Wonderful show! If you missed the concert this month make sure to plan ahead and make it to the next which will probably be even better than the first!