Spring Poems


by Lauren Hartzell

The sun cannot shine

But the temperature is fine

The sparkle of snow is gone

While it rains from midnight to dawn

But I do not mind

Because the thunder rolls on

While the cold goes away

Because those are the springs

Here in Knox PA

Spring Poem

by Kaitlyn Marvin

the snowy grounds are vacant

as they no longer remain.

in their place are vast

amounts of dirty grass

that will soon perk up

in time for chopping it down.


thin, white branches

are transformed into luscious,

thick trees are hold little

families of wildlife.


the air, oh, the air,

is fresh as can be

with its crisp feel

and quiet company.


time is getting older

and Mother Nature

is moving on with her life,

as we all should, too.


winter is no longer here,

no more roads covered

in snow and ice.

no more thick layers

of clothing, nor heavy

blankets to cover.


spring is arriving, as it

is the time for positivity

and laughter; time for

hanging with friends and

family. time for change.


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