Keystone Students’ Ultimate Day

by Kaitlyn Marvin and Rachel Champluvier

Kaitlyn and Rachel interviewed a few students, asking them to explain what their ultimate day would look like.  When Kaitlyn interviewed 8th grader Mattson Caun and 10th grader Alyssa Beichner, the responses were geared toward Valentine’s Day:

Mattson Caun:

Kaitlyn: Where would you like to spend your Valentine’s Day?

Mattson: In my bed.

Kaitlyn: What would you be doing?

Mattson: I’d probably watch TV, or take a nap.

Kaitlyn: Well, how would you feel?

Mattson: Umm..tired.

Kaitlyn: Would you have any company? Invite anyone over?

Mattson: Most likely not, since I’m a loner, but maybe my dog.

Kaitlyn: Any gifts you’d like to receive?

Mattson: Oh, I’d love for someone to send me those little chocolates, but the good kind, not the fruity kind – that’s weird. The ones with caramel and peanut butter because those are great.

Kaitlyn: Would you wear anything special?

Mattson: No, just my Nike grey sweatpants and a sweatshirt since my dog doesn’t care what I look like.


Alyssa Beichner:

Kaitlyn: What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day?

Alyssa: It’s pretty pointless.. so, I’m not sure.

Kaitlyn: What would you wear?

Alyssa: Uhh, sweats and a sweatshirt, I guess.

Kaitlyn: Any gifts you’d like to receive?

Alyssa: Maybe some chocolate.

Kaitlyn: Would you have any plans?

Alyssa: Just to hang with my friends.

Kaitlyn: How would you be feeling?

Alyssa: Pretty good.. only because my friends would be with me and they’re great.

Rachel interviewed 7th grader Drew Young, asking what his ultimate day would look like:

Drew Young:

Rachel: What would you do on your ultimate day?

Drew: Wake up. Go to sleep. Go to a bowling tournament. Eat hamburgers and french fries.

Rachel: What would you wear?
Drew: Cargo shorts and a t-shirt with a necklace.

Rachel: Who would you hang out with?

Drew: My Dad.

Rachel: If you could one place where would you go?

Drew: PBA(professional bowling association)  Tour.

Rachel: If you could have one thing what would you do?

Drew: A bowling ball.

Rachel: If you had all the money in the world what would you do with it?

Drew: Build my own bowling center.


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