Letters to Santa

by Rachel Champluvier

Who wouldn’t love to send letters to Santa asking for a present?  Mrs. Buckley’s wonderful first graders wrote letters to Santa as a tradition and we asked if we could use them.  These were our favorite ones:  

Dear Santa,

How big do your reindeer get?  I have bin great.  Please will you give me a ipod and a Xbox One?  I wish you wood give my mom a new bed and a lamp.  I will lay some cookies owt for you.

Love, Amari


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing?  I was bein rele good.  Will you please give me games, BBs for a BB gun, Kindle, laptop, X360, and cars?  Will you bring my dad a chevy truck and my stepmom wants a new ring.  I will give you some cookies and milk.

Love, Braniken


Dear Santa Claus,

How have you bin doing?  I have bin doing good.  I hope that you will give me these things Barbie Ranbow Hair, Disney Descendants Signature Doll Mal, Yumy Nummies bakery treats cupcaks cookies makers, zoomer zuppie, Bounce Off Game.  I wish that you will bring Jacob a Scilander Sooper Chare and give mommy some candols and give David a noow golf club.

Your friend, Julia


Dear Santa,

How are you doing Santa?  I have fun with my family.  Will you plesse give me a jewelry box, books, jewelry, and Barbies?  Plesse give my mom new snow boots and plesse give me dad a new gaskit.  I will give you cokis and mik.

From, Kaylin


Dear Santa,

How hav the reindeers ben?  Santa I hav ben good.  Santa I want a art esal and number chrt.  Will you bring my mom a wintr cot and wintr pans?  I will give carits for the reindeers and coces and milk for you.

Love, Connor


Dear Santa,

How do you get awrund  the wrld?  I have bin good.  May I have a skateboard and a bobot, and hulk fists?  I wish you wood give a Star Wors rokit ship to Jake.  I will lay out some cookies and milk for you.

Your friend, Noah


Dear Santa Claus,

How old is Miss Claus?  I have bin good.  I want you to please ask your elfs to make me power rangers and a hulk mask.  I wish you could give my mom and dad a new truck.  I will give you some cookies and some milk.

Love, Wesley



Interview With Mr. Wagner

by Vanessa Runyan & Emma Weaver

Interviewer:”What is your favorite thing about Keystone so far?”

Mr. Wagner:”I can sense community between everyone in the building. I am proud to become a Keystone Panther.”


Interviewer:”What is one thing you would change about our school?”

Mr. Wagner:”I am going to change the master schedule so more classes are available and the lunches are more even.”


Interviewer:”What did you like best about Clarion?”

Mr. Wagner:”I liked being 1st place in education. It was a great place with great folks. There were really strong bonds between the teachers and students and it was hard to leave. I was also a weight lifting coach and I miss that as well.”


Interviewer:”What do you think about the Keystone/Clarion rivalry?”

Mr. Wagner: “I like that we are neighboring schools so a rivalry isn’t uncommon. I’m fine with the rivalry as long as it is in a nice way.


Interviewer:”What is your favorite candy, food, sport, class?”

Mr. Wagner: “Well, I like all food but Knox Bakery Donuts are the best. My favorite sports are football and track because I really like competitive sports. My favorite class is math, and my favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.”


Interviewer:”Are you married,do you have kids, pets, did you have to move when you were hired at Keystone?”

Mr. Wagner: “I am married and my wife teaches at Grove City College. We have 2 boys, age 26 and age 22. I’ve lived in Emlenton for 15 years so we didn’t have to move into the area.”



by Katie Sherman

Two months ago, we had a very exciting time for the school – Homecoming! With a week filled with celebration and fun, it was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated times of the school year. Before the game we dressed in different outfits to show our support. We celebrated homecoming with a parade on Wednesday and had a bonfire. The fall sports teams were announced and recognized. A few games were played and finally the bonfire was over. The following Saturday came by in a breeze. The beginning of the day, for many, was spent getting together with friends, doing hair and makeup and getting pictures. Everyone was anxious to get to the school at 6:00 pm, in time for the crowning. After a very long introduction for each couple, Kelly Daugherty and Tyler Beal were announced homecoming king and queen! As soon as Mr. Nesta was done announcing and pictures were finished getting taken, the party was on! The DJ, Andrew Smith, began playing music that got the entire crowd pumped. As time went on, people were tying their ties around their heads, taking videos on Snapchat and crowd surfing. Eventually, as every favorite song request had been played, the clock struck 10:00 pm, and the crowd started to fade. This was truly a week to remember.