Interview With Mr. Wagner

by Vanessa Runyan & Emma Weaver

Interviewer:”What is your favorite thing about Keystone so far?”

Mr. Wagner:”I can sense community between everyone in the building. I am proud to become a Keystone Panther.”


Interviewer:”What is one thing you would change about our school?”

Mr. Wagner:”I am going to change the master schedule so more classes are available and the lunches are more even.”


Interviewer:”What did you like best about Clarion?”

Mr. Wagner:”I liked being 1st place in education. It was a great place with great folks. There were really strong bonds between the teachers and students and it was hard to leave. I was also a weight lifting coach and I miss that as well.”


Interviewer:”What do you think about the Keystone/Clarion rivalry?”

Mr. Wagner: “I like that we are neighboring schools so a rivalry isn’t uncommon. I’m fine with the rivalry as long as it is in a nice way.


Interviewer:”What is your favorite candy, food, sport, class?”

Mr. Wagner: “Well, I like all food but Knox Bakery Donuts are the best. My favorite sports are football and track because I really like competitive sports. My favorite class is math, and my favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.”


Interviewer:”Are you married,do you have kids, pets, did you have to move when you were hired at Keystone?”

Mr. Wagner: “I am married and my wife teaches at Grove City College. We have 2 boys, age 26 and age 22. I’ve lived in Emlenton for 15 years so we didn’t have to move into the area.”



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