Letters to Santa

by Rachel Champluvier

Who wouldn’t love to send letters to Santa asking for a present?  Mrs. Buckley’s wonderful first graders wrote letters to Santa as a tradition and we asked if we could use them.  These were our favorite ones:  

Dear Santa,

How big do your reindeer get?  I have bin great.  Please will you give me a ipod and a Xbox One?  I wish you wood give my mom a new bed and a lamp.  I will lay some cookies owt for you.

Love, Amari


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing?  I was bein rele good.  Will you please give me games, BBs for a BB gun, Kindle, laptop, X360, and cars?  Will you bring my dad a chevy truck and my stepmom wants a new ring.  I will give you some cookies and milk.

Love, Braniken


Dear Santa Claus,

How have you bin doing?  I have bin doing good.  I hope that you will give me these things Barbie Ranbow Hair, Disney Descendants Signature Doll Mal, Yumy Nummies bakery treats cupcaks cookies makers, zoomer zuppie, Bounce Off Game.  I wish that you will bring Jacob a Scilander Sooper Chare and give mommy some candols and give David a noow golf club.

Your friend, Julia


Dear Santa,

How are you doing Santa?  I have fun with my family.  Will you plesse give me a jewelry box, books, jewelry, and Barbies?  Plesse give my mom new snow boots and plesse give me dad a new gaskit.  I will give you cokis and mik.

From, Kaylin


Dear Santa,

How hav the reindeers ben?  Santa I hav ben good.  Santa I want a art esal and number chrt.  Will you bring my mom a wintr cot and wintr pans?  I will give carits for the reindeers and coces and milk for you.

Love, Connor


Dear Santa,

How do you get awrund  the wrld?  I have bin good.  May I have a skateboard and a bobot, and hulk fists?  I wish you wood give a Star Wors rokit ship to Jake.  I will lay out some cookies and milk for you.

Your friend, Noah


Dear Santa Claus,

How old is Miss Claus?  I have bin good.  I want you to please ask your elfs to make me power rangers and a hulk mask.  I wish you could give my mom and dad a new truck.  I will give you some cookies and some milk.

Love, Wesley



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